Ameerah Holliday performs at SDPA celebration June 29 @ SDAI

                for my Purple Hearts and that Black Girl magic

Honey savored chocolate
                cultivating constellations
of culture, curls,

laudation –

                forehead kissed
                While you worship the
alchemy between my thighs.


                of my production
disgrace the glow my
                lips gave,

the curve my soul
                prayed for. Supernova
you formed from

I am –

                loved by those
I reflect. Searching
                for magic our
melanin gave.

Mahogany made
immersed in ancestral radiance.

Sunbathe near stars
                knowing They are
gravity laced insomniacs


                galaxies birthed in
the mind of God, resting
                beneath our skin and awaken

                once again.

Ameerah Holliday is a dancer and poet from San Diego, California. She received her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from San Diego State University. Holliday currently serves as editorial director for the San Diego Poetry Annual and assistant editor for Kids! San Diego Poetry Annual.

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