Jill G. Hall performs at SDPA celebration June 29 @ SDAI

A Confession 

I warned him not
to rock the boat
but as usual he
couldn’t help himself.

We ended in
a half-embrace.
Betrayals gathered
like clouds & a storm

brewed. He tugged
at the jib of my fragile
emotions but they ripped
& blew away.

A giant wave crashed
on top of us and he began to
tumble overboard. I grabbed
his foot before he plunged

into the white-capped sea
but at the last second
I loosened my grip
and let go.

Published in the
San Diego Poetry Annual
2014 – 2015

Jill G. Hall is inspired to write about nature’s awe, love gone good and bad as well as life’s ironies. Her poems and personal narratives have appeared in a variety of publications including A Year in Ink, The Avocet, and Wild Women, Wild Voices. The Black Velvet Coat and The Silver Shoes, her historical novels, are published by She Writes Press. Hall was a member of Steve Kowit’s Sunday at Liberty Station R & C Group and credits him for encouraging her to submit, submit, submit! She is a past board president of San Diego Writers, Ink and helps curate artwork in their galleries. In her spare time she enjoys spending time in nature, practicing yoga and tap dancing.


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