Since 2001, the Poetry & Art Series (P&A) has provided interactive arts and culture experiences for all ages at a variety of venues to inspire creativity and expression through visual art, music, and written and spoken word. Through P&A, established writers, artists, and performers have worked with and inspired budding artists to create and grow. Broken Anchor Poetry is a collective of hosts and organizations promoting poetry and art in San Diego. Groups include Gelato Poetry, Palabra Open Mic, Poetry & Art Series, Border Voices Poetry Project, Balboa Park Poetry Bench, and San Diego Writers, Ink. Meetup (virtually!): Broken Anchor Poetry and Poetry & Art.

The performers and artists featured on this website have participated in the Poetry & Art Series over the last decade and a half. This is only a small representation of those who have graced our stage with art, music and words… and there will be much more to come. Thank you to the writers, painters, dancers and all who have made Poetry & Art a pleasure to host. Special thanks to Ying Wu for all the support. None of this happens without Jennifer Chung Klam.  Wo Ai Ni.

About Michael Klam

Michael Klam organizes and hosts the Poetry & Art Series, which began in 2001 and features acclaimed musicians, visual artists, dancers, and poets. Klam has published five books of poetry, translated mouthfuls of red confetti and the hunt for God’s skull, a collection of poems by Miguel Barbosa and edited A Year in Ink, Volume 6 of the San Diego Writers, Ink Anthology. His book, Emma and the Buddha Frog (Puna Press), was a San Diego Book Awards finalist. Klam’s most recent collection of poetry, The Cheapest Flight to Paradise, was released by Puna Press in 2018.

Klam is executive editor of the San Diego Poetry Annual and a partner with the Border Voices Poetry Project. As a teacher, Klam co-created the Page to Canvas to Stage program, bringing poets, painters, and K-12 students together to create visual art and perform poetry. His publishers are Puna Press and Garden Oak Press. He lives in San Diego with his wife, Jennifer, and children, Emma, Henry, and Anya.