John R. Garry at Broken Anchor Poetry, Gelato Vero Caffe, 5/11, 7pm

I literally have a jar marked golf money filled with the wishbones of rotisserie chickens going back to 2015. I carried these from apartment to apartment, across state lines. They sat in storage for 10 months while I traveled the globe. It’s a jar full of unused wishes, bones for conjuring new ways to fight off patterns that are ever present.

There is a 4-by-2 bin full of poems next to my bed; a pile of notebooks that, boiled down, are just ink and papyrus, emotional hand cramp manifestos. It’s a tupperware bucket of unicorn ideas, flightless thoughts tied down with time and self-deprecation.

There are #revolutionarystew mind dumps on Instagram. It’s an exercise in public masturbation that we have allowed as normal – all in the internet ether, the globe’s electronic closet – full of porn, socks without matches and shit that no longer fits, but isn’t thrown away.

I have 82 bowties in my closet and still my wardrobe is repetitive. I have maintained my weight only so that I do not have to buy more pants. All my sweaters from high school remain with me and, like them, I too go in and out of fashion regularly.

I am a pile of skin and bones, bowties, poetry and unused wishes. I spend more time thinking about what I have yet to let go of than using what I already have, and wondering who will throw out my things when I die.
All the things.

John R. Garry is a gifted spoken word artist and fledgling student of the world. He started his life journey in Connecticut and has made his way across nine countries by train, plane, automobile and even by foot. His poetry is informed by his travel and his work as a licensed clinical psychologist in the community, with our military and in our prison system. On a microphone he shares his unique worldview with authenticity and humility.

His first published work in 2009, “Regalos de la Isla: Gifts from the Island,” came as a poetic response to travel through Cuba. The book is wrapped in music and the people of the island.

In 2015 he released “Lean In: Live from Everywhere.” There John shows a willingness to be participant and observer in his life and work. These pieces were forged through his work in prison and his life after the loss of his mother.

His performances are a melodic blend of emotion and deep reflection that will make you think, feel and be inspired.

Find more work and follow his travels on Instagram @Revolutionarystew or the #Revolutionarystew.


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