Last of 2020 Poets at the Bench featuring Sage and Klam

From Deborah Ramos, host of Poets at the Bench:

Please join the global community for our next online Poets at the Bench on Sunday, Nov. 29, at 3 p.m.  I am honored to have two featured poets for the last Zoom bench of the year, Michael Klam and Sage.

Sage is a 15-year-old creative, growing up in San Diego, Calif. As a San Diego High School student, her studies include video production and film journalism, in hopes of becoming a movie director. Pre-pandemic, Sage was involved with the LGBTQ community, helping create a safe and supportive environment for fellow students at the school’s Wellness Center. For a Public Service Announcement project, she created an informational video on How to Come Out in 8 Easy Steps. Sage also enjoyed hosting The Art Club, where students would meet in a neighborhood park to work on art projects. This young poet first stepped up to the mic at Rebecca’s Coffeehouse in San Diego at the age of 8. Sage’s first publication was in the Balloons Lit. Journal, August 2015. From there, Sage’s bold and unique voice has been heard at venues such as Gelato’s, Meraki’s, the Poetry Bench, Space Bar and the Escondido Arts Municipal Gallery.

Michael Klam is a San Diego writer and editor. He is executive editor of the San Diego Poetry Annual. His publishers are Puna Press and Garden Oak Press. Michael’s most recent collection, Anything for a Dull Moment, was published by Garden Oak Press in November 2020. 

After the features, I (Deborah) will “pass the mic” to the poets. As you “enter” the space, let me know if you want to read and I will create a list. Everyone has 3-5 minutes. If you have any questions, e-mail me at Poets at the Bench can also be found on Facebook, if you’d like to join the community online. During these times, it’s important to support the poetry community. With platforms like Zoom, our audience is expanding around the world. This will be the last Poets at the Zoom Bench until next year. I will keep you posted when we get back online. Due to Zoom bombers, there is a passcode you will need to enter manually to join the meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting:
Passcode: 208040, Meeting ID: 839 1814 8496

I hope to see you on Sunday, Nov. 29 at 3 p.m. Pacific time! 

Deborah Ramos
Poets at the Bench on FB
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