Theresa F. @ SDAI Sept. 21

seeds of hate 

the babies you bomb today
become the terrorists you fear tomorrow
what else could you expect
from a childhood filled with sorrow

mothers no more
new designation
collateral damage they become
to sustain US domination

uncle sam is now their parent
grooming orphans to blood spill
destroying their innocence
in pursuit of “oil deals”

toddlers bribed with candy
pointing fingers without fear
detained never questioned
another father disappears

preparing propaganda feedings
with fingers crossed behind backs
promises made to school-age children
new schools, new freedoms, new facts

we are not here to hurt you
amerikkka is your friend, they say
look cameras are here
see nice soldier put down rifle, for soccer play

hijab covered girl and
adolescent boy no longer an ally
now suspected bearers of IEDs
causing bullets instead of balls to fly

psychologically riddled with justifiable rage
it’s never too late
morally wounded at such a young age
to uproot seeds of hate

Theresa F. will feature at Poetry & Art at SDAI on Sept. 21. Click for more info.

Theresa F. is an Afrikan born in amerikkka, raised in San Diego. Mother of four awesome earth spirits, her writing career began at Baker Elementary. Since then her talents have evolved into poetry, song lyrics and workshops, which create a mental and spiritual paradigm shift to generate positive change. She has shared her message throughout the United States, Canada and Zambia.

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