Rex Butters @ SDAI Sept. 21


look at its smile
look at its scowl
hear it whimper & whine
hear it wail & howl
always hungry
always in pain
always angry
always insane
stupidly killing
stupidly willing
to attack enemy spooks
doomed feedback loops
echo through the empty
heart & head
anti-life darkness
subhuman biped

Rex Butters will feature at Poetry & Art at SDAI on Sept. 21. Click for more info.

Since 1976, longtime SoCal resident Rex Butters has published journalistic writings on sites and in magazines including BAM, Rapport, All About Jazz, Folk Works, the LA Free Press and the Free Venice Beachhead. His poetry has appeared for more than 25 years in such diverse journals as the True Wheel, Caffeine, Brain Vomit, interbang, sic Vice and Verse, The Journal of Interdimensional Poetry, Yogi Times, Bad Haircut Quarterly, the Mas Tequila Review and the Muse International Journal of Poetry. His anthology credits include Gods & Radicals: A Beautiful Resistance, Cost of Freedom, The Revolutionary Poets Brigade LA, the San Diego Poetry Annual and Extreme. He writes and performs with the improvised music/funk/spoken word ensembles Black Shoe Polish and Rag & Bone, and sings and reads with various projects.

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