Lisa Albright Ratnavira at Gelato Poetry April 13

I’m excited to read with Lisa Albright Ratnavira and Andy Palasciano at the next Gelato Poetry on April 13. Gelato Poetry takes place every second Friday of the month at 7 PM at Gelato Vero Caffe (3753 India Street). Each month, event host Ying Wu brings featured poets followed by an open mic.

Ratnavira holds a master’s degree from Concordia University. She has traveled with her husband, Gamini, to Africa, Sri Lanka, Bermuda, Panama, Trinidad, Abaco, Singapore, Japan and other exotic locations, all of which have inspired Gamini’s tropical wildlife artwork and Lisa’s nature poetry.  In her book, Grief’s Labyrinth, the poet reacts to the death of her daughter, journeying through a maze of melancholy and finding hope on a path enlightened by the beauty of nature.

Scattering Sweet Peas

She searches patiently
Dark tresses dancing
in the scented breeze
past the thousands of maroon-tinted sweet peas
intoxicating and beautiful
for the one striated with lavender, dusted with pink
She walks gently between their climbing vines
easing a poppy seed pod open
spreading hundreds of babies for next spring
She labors for the one spectacular blossom
erupting in smiles
she brings in the
irresistible bouquet
filling our kitchen with the aroma
of such warmth, sun kissed petals
exquisite in our home

Years later I am left searching
alone, discovering
lavender, baby pink striations
I pick the maroon, the common
leaving the one-in-a-million
to re-create her smile in my garden
in my every breath
I keep her sweetness here
so that in her absence
we are not divided


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