Andy Palasciano at Gelato Poetry on April 13

I’m excited to read with Andy Palasciano and Lisa Ratnavira at the next Gelato Poetry on April 13. Gelato Poetry takes place every second Friday of the month at 7 PM at Gelato Vero Caffe (3753 India Street). Each month, event host Ying Wu brings featured poets followed by an open mic.

Palasciano has a B.A. in English Literature from San Diego State University. He has been published in The San Diego Poetry Annual, The Penwood Review and The Anthology Of New England Writers. He is currently writing a story called, “The Warrior: The Tales Of A Substitute Teacher.”

Substitute Power!

There was a teacher’s strike this week and the teachers called the real power brokers of their profession, the substitute teachers. The substitutes, and the substitutes alone, have the power to tell our government leaders it is time for change. A substitute teacher easily gained control of the ears of the audience and said this at the rally today, “I spoke to Congressman William Gillespie today and said, ‘Bill, things need to change. I’ve got these permanent teachers complaining about this and that and I just can’t have it. What are we going to do about this?’ Congressman Gillespie then looked at me and said ‘Anything for you sir, we are going to change things right away.’ And I said, ‘I appreciate it, Bill, sorry to come here in such a hurry, say hi to Margerie.’ And the congressman drafted a bill that night that he brought over to my house to see if I would approve it. I looked it over and said ‘No, I want my teachers making ten percent more!” The crowd cheered. “Bill said ‘Right away, no problem!’ So teachers be patient, be brave, things will get easier.” The rally had a relaxed moment. One thing is sure, when a substitute speaks, everyone listens.


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