Poetry Karaoke winners and Michael Klam & Sharon Elise at Amplified

Congratulations to Tia Meredith for nabbing another first place win with her performance of John S. Hall’s “My Lover” in the style of Gospel. Second place went to Karalani Cross with Jane Hirshfield’s “The Poet” in the style of Musical Theater, and third place went to Gill Sotu for his rendition of Billy Collins’ “Cheerios” set to Reggae. Thanks to judges Eric M., Bingh and Kathryn Dominguez, with a special thanks to Bethel Swift for stepping in as scorekeeper.

L to R: Karalani Cross, Tia Meredith, Gil Sotu
L to R: Judges Eric M., Kathryn Dominguez, Bingh; Poetry Karaoke co-host Steve Montgomery
Photo Right: Poetry Karaoke co-host Judy Reeves


Photo credits: Bethel Swift. For more info and photos, visit Judy Reeve’s Facebook page.

On Tuesday, Oct. 29, Sharon Elise and Michael Klam feature at Poets Underground in East Village’s Amplified Ale Works. The performance takes place in Amplified’s Acid Vault and an open mic follows the features. Hosted by Sunny Rey. Food, drink, poetry!


Show starts at 8 p.m. sharp. Amplified is located at 1429 Island Ave., San Diego, in the East Village.

Sharon Elise, professor and Department Chair of Sociology at California State University, San Marcos, conducts research and teaches on critical race and gender issues. She brings her sociological insight to poetry and poetics to sociology.


Michael Klam hosts Poetry & Art at the San Diego Art Institute, ongoing since 2001. He is executive editor of the San Diego Poetry Annual. His latest book, The Cheapest Flight to Paradise, was published by Puna Press in 2018.


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