Viet Mai wins, Bill Harding’s new novel, and introducing Dylan Hochman

Viet Mai was the adult winner of the $1,000 Poetry & Art poetry performance competition. Here’s his winning poem, “Stolen Superheroes” (video of performance at Da Poetry Lounge in Los Angeles):


Come to author and publisher Bill Harding‘s book launch event at the Central Library on Tuesday, Nov. 13, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The launch of his new novel will also be a celebration of veterans, featuring poets published in the San Diego Poetry Annual Veterans special section.


Introducing 7-year-old Dylan Hochman, one of our People’s Choice youth winners. Scroll down for his winning poem.


Dark Light Dark

I don’t like the dark!

The night brings the moon.

Time for bed.


I can’t move.

When I wake up, time for

Back again, I close my eyes in
my room.

Please turn on the light!

I’m not afraid anymore.

My blanket reminds me of

Fortnite, Millie, Mom, Dad,
Aidan, School, Math, fill my
mind with cool stuff.

I hear the wind outside my window.

Hallway light is on.

I have bottom bunk.

My older brother has top.

Slowly my eyes get heavy.

They’re shut.

Sound of the shower, it’s

There’s light, I’m happy.

Oh no we’re out of milk again!

More winners and their poems to come!!

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