Angela Narciso Torres

Angela Narcisco Torres will feature at Cultures Connect in San Diego, hosted by Poetry & Art Series 2018 and San Diego Writers, Ink on April 7 at 7pm. More info.

Confessions of a Transplant

My first year living in America
the scent of frying garlic

sent me weeping. My eyes

swept the somber avenues
starving for color. I devoured
the aquamarine of broken glass,

a wire festooned with yellow shoes,
the sudden shower of rose
on a sidewalk. The memory

of sour mangoes made rivers
in my mouth. At the market I picked
the greenest nectarines, dredged them

in salt that stung my chapped lips.
Words I hoarded like rock
candy, melted on my tongue

like my too-hard r’s. Range rover, red
robin, river rock. I practiced
into the ear of an empty flagon,

reciting litanies to the saint
of lost things. The walls echoed
with whispers. Lying lily-still

in the goblet of night, I drank
the sweet croon of nameless birds.
Lullabies bloomed like moonflowers.

(First published in Jet Fuel Review)

Angela Narciso Torres’s poetry collection, Blood Orange, won the Willow Books Literature Award. Recent work appears in Nimrod, Spoon River Poetry Review, Jet Fuel Review, and Water~Stone Review. A graduate of Warren Wilson’s MFA Program and Harvard Graduate School of Education, Angela has received fellowships from Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, Illinois Arts Council and Ragdale Foundation. Born in Brooklyn and raised in Manila, she serves as a poetry editor for RHINO and a reader for New England Review. She currently resides in Southern California.

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