Sunny Rey


Today’s been aggressive
The mother shouting at her child as he makes loud noises trying to steal candy from the candy dispenser in our waiting area

Such a set up

They can’t afford the quarter
Or the dentist
After the sugar feast

And all us asshole workers
Are too good to eat out of that candy dispenser

Because we are afraid of germs
Of crossing the invisible line
Between them
And    Us

A volunteer calls on the phone
Demanding security allow her out of town relatives to admire our nativity scene
She’s louder than the mother upset with her child
As she barks orders at me to bend rules I never made
And sneak her important guest thru security
Just to admire the stone baby Jesus
In the center of this shit hole

Today is aggressive
The people
The subjects tossed around
The weather

It turns from sprinkles to rain
They come in upset that their temporary homes are being drifted away into the gutter next to last night’s piss

I can’t fix the sky
So I hand out a poncho
And leave the volunteer with her out of town guest on hold for a long time
And walk over to the candy machine

Dispense 5 M&M’s
Give the boy two blue one red and one brown
I pop the yellow in my mouth

No division
We share tomorrow’s promise for a sun we both equally need
And future aggressive events will take place next to our own gutters


Sunny Rey, badass poet born and raised in San Diego and still killin’ it in North Park. Poet and activist with her first collection, Quotes and Poems by a Nobody published in 2013 with Garden Oak Press.

Her second collection, titled ROT, was published in 2016, also by Garden Oak Press. The collection features 76 poems set out over seven sections and features the art of Clayton Llewelyn on the cover and throughout.



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