Kimberly Dark

Fox Breath

The fox will walk
right up to the tree
in noontime drizzle,
eat the mushrooms
convened at the base
of the tree, roll
its head down
between the roots
to rest feet and tail
on trunk and dream
of me, and why
my pelt is so sparse,
eyes so green, and
why I seem to love
my claws tapping
against the shiny
square plate so much.

Kimberly Dark is a writer, storyteller and speaker who helps audiences discover that we are creating the world, even as it creates us. She’s the author of seven award-winning performance scripts and a number of educational programs regarding the body in culture – how appearances and identities influence our experiences in the world related to gender, race, body type/size, beauty, ability, etc. She uses humor and intimacy to prompt audiences to discover their influences and reclaim their power as social creators.

Dark is a regular contributor to both news and literary outlets like Decolonizing Yoga, Ms magazine, Everyday Feminism, Full Grown People and other print and online publications. She travels the English-speaking world doing performances and keynote presentations at colleges and universities, conferences, theaters and festivals. She has been invited to present her unique blend of performance and presentation, writing and workshops at hundreds of venues in the U.S., Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland and other nations during the past 20 years. She lectures in the graduate program in Sociological Practice at California State University, San Marcos.

Photo by Kina Williams,

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