Tomás Gayton


Summer shines on Vashon so close to and distant from
Seattle traffic and Microsoft techies
We pick ripe black berries
by the roadside
We dig clams
hidden under seaweed slippery rocks
on Spring beach and ride
a small boat to Olalla
where a black house painter
from Tacoma explains his life
of lost fingers and close calls
We sort through life
listening to the crow
the barking seal and screeching gull
walking on wet rocks at low tide
watching the ferryboat cruise by
then ease into the dock at Tahlequah
We come together
in the ebb and flow
of the tide
in mystic sight
of Mt. Tacoma
Later we dance within
the sacred circle
by talking drums
tall fir and cedar
At nightfall
the sacrament of love
inspires goodbyes
at the landing
Foghorns cut the silence
of moonless night
as the ferry
from Vashon
ploughs thick fog
on Puget Sound
the island recedes
in layers of mist & mystery

Tomás Gayton, a retired civil rights attorney/activist, was born and raised in Seattle, WA, but now resides in San Diego, CA.  He is the grandson of African American pioneers. Tomás cofounded San Diego Poet’s Press and taught many verse writing/poetry classes. He is a world traveler whose poetry is his life in verse.

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