Ola Hadi



I am conflicted.

part of me is enjoying the building
of kissing your full delicious lips in just four days

there is the almost pleasurable agony in the length and space between us that makes
the waiting
that much more intense
that sets my whole being into this burst of excitement

that I don’t have the heart to extinguish
yet there is the certainty
that the real thing tastes better than the dream
that the delay will make the wait like biting into eden

there is this immaculate hunger that insists on driving me closer to the finish
this push to cross a threshold that is just the beginning
knowing that this wanting for you is

wanting the wanting to never end
but wanting the passion to begin!

I am conflicted.

©ola hadi 2010

Ola Hadi, an immigrant of Iraqi descent born in Kuwait City in 1982, grew up in Imperial Beach, San Diego. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Economy of Industrial Societies from U.C. Berkeley. She founded the Drunk Poets Society of Ocean Beach.

Hadi currently lives in San Diego and teaches World History and World Geography. Her latest book is called The Moon and Metaphor.


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