Dana Gioia

Poet Laureate of California, critic, author, professor of poetry

Upcoming Events

Palabra at La Bodega, Poetry & Art on June 23 at SDAI (featuring Ant Black, SDPA editors and anthology readers) and more Klam and Jazz combos

Adam Greenfield

Podcast producer, poet and host of Verbatim Poets Society

National Poetry Month

$1,000 Steve Kowit Poetry Prize Ceremony, Get Rich Slow Scheme, Vermin on the Mount, Page to Canvas to Stage, Next Poetry & Art

Leon Alexander

Poet and winner of People’s Choice Poem Performance Award

Binh H. Nguyen

Writer and poet, theater reviewer, MFA student and founder of Thru a Soft Tube reading series

Perry Vasquez

Interdisciplinary artist focusing on the U.S./Mexico border region